On the water

Fly fishing trips out on UK small still water venues and reservoirs and maybe some rivers if we get the chance. We do a big 3 day trip each year so watch out for that one!

Beardy Bros on Tour 2016

The Beardy Bros annual tour this year saw us return to Eyebrook, where we enjoyed two fantastic half...

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Millan – My new local club

Farmoor Reservoir – April 2016

Back at Draycote – March 2016

Opening day at Draycote Reservoir

Goodbye Fordwich, hello Millan

Manningford Fishery – Jan 2016

Manningford Fishery

Meon Springs – Dec 2015

Blagdon Lake in August

Farmoor Reservoir – July 2015

Lyn Brenig – July 2015

As an early 40th birthday celebration, my wife and I had a couple of days exploring the north-west c...

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Draycote Reservoir June 2015

Its my 40th this year, so to celebrate (commiserate?) a couple of mates, who are also 40, and I deci...

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Fordwich, end of May

Narborough Fishery – May 2015

May half-term found our whole family (two adults, three kids, one friend and one dog) trouping off t...

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Frensham Trout Fishery – April 2015